Psychiatric Services

Medication Management – Coming Spring 2021

An important aspect of mental health treatment at an outpatient agency is medication management. Medication can equally be a cause for concern or to success. Many individuals are reluctant to take medication because of the stigma and potential side effects, so it is very important to obtain valuable information to assist the client with overcoming the stigma of medications. At Hope, Love, and Dream, Inc. we keep a close tab on the intake of medication by our clients and ensure that there is no excessive or insufficient intake.

Medications alone does not help cure a disorder, but when combined with psycho-education, psychotherapy and behavioral therapy, it helps an individual manage their mental health disorder consistently. It helps clients recover from their mental health symptoms at their highest level of functioning. Medication works differently for each individual and at different paces, so it is important to find the best medication for an individual involving the client’s condition with the support of family members.

Medication management helps promote the safe use of medications and helps clients achieve the desired results from their medication. Medication management is an important part of the recovery process when used in an effective, non-interfering way. Educational programs will help guide patients and their families to the best use of medication so that they know how best to use the medicine.

By using various strategies such as using pill boxes to differentiate medicines and take the appropriate ones at an appropriate time, is very important and will help clients be successful at managing their medication.

Our team of Psychiatrist and Advanced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners will assist each client with a tailored approach to managing their mental health medication needs by use of genetic testing and various other strategies.