Guiding Principles

Blue Jay Pride Meaning and Principles:

Although a Blue Jay is a small bird, this bird has no fears and it is ready to protect its habitat and the young ones. The Blue Jay will protect you, so you don’t have to be afraid of anything. It is known that Blue Jay bird is very fierce towards predators, so if you have enemies in your surrounding, your Blue Jay Pride will help you defeat them. Even though your rivals may be superior, Blue Jay Pride will help you protect your own position at work and also in any other area of your life.

We have already mentioned that Blue Jay Pride people are very talkative. For those with Blue Jay Pride, communication is most important in any relationship. Because of their speech abilities, these Blue Jay Pride people are usually very good at politics, law and public speaking just to name a few.

Loyalty is another trait that we can associate with Blue Jay Pride. You must be a very loyal person. You have probably relationships and friendships that last very long.

We have already mentioned that Blue Jay is a symbol of truthfulness. If the Blue Jay Pride is in your life, it means that you are always looking for the truth. You love to be honest because it is the only way to have success in life.

Blue Jay’s represent endurance and strength. Blue Jay’s usually builds its nests on oak trees and we know that this tree is a symbol for longevity and strength. This means that you are able to endure many difficult situations in your life

Blue Jay’s are able to use any situation and environment to have advantages. This means that you are a flexible person who can adjust easily to any situation. You are able to turn any situation in your favor and to take advantage of it. You are an easy-going person and people love you.

Curiosity may also be one of the most common traits of Blue Jay. You are probably a very curious person. It means that you like to know anything that is happening around you and you love trying some new things in life.

You are ready to learn quickly because you have a high level of intelligence. Your intelligence will also help you defeat your obstacles and take advantage of many situations.