Our Mission Statement

Hope Love and Dream Inc is committed to assisting individuals and families impacted by life’s transformations.

Our Vision Statement

Hope, Love, and Dream, Inc. strives to empower and work with families and individuals impacted by the social justice system to develop a successful future through trauma informed and resiliency infused mental health therapeutic services, personal development, and professional development. By assisting those affected, we aim to serve, build, and strengthen individuals, families and communities by improving social bonds.

Our Story

Hope, Love, and Dream, Inc. was developed on May 15th, 2020. We were created by our founder with a vision and mission of helping those who have been impacted by incarceration.

The impact of incarceration not only has an effect on the individual but can have an impact on the family and/or support system the individual has.

Our organization will work with the family and the individual prior to the onset of incarceration, through the individual’s incarceration, and at the release of the individual’s incarceration to build a system of support when they are returning back to the community.

We offer a non-judgmental environment that focuses on providing a trauma-informed and resiliency community. We strive to heal, re-stabilize and develop the individual and their family/support system in the community to foster connections towards success.

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